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Low temperature coolant circulation pump to meet your different temperature needs

The Rotary evaporator is equipped with a low-temperature coolant circulation pump to increase the condensation effect. Customers can choose the appropriate refrigeration equipment according to the size and material requirements of the Rotary evaporator. We have a variety of specifications to choose from and support customization. The following is the introduction and characteristics of the low temperature coolant circulation pump:
The low-temperature cooling liquid circulation pump is a low-temperature liquid circulation device that adopts mechanical refrigeration, and has the function of providing a low-temperature liquid and a low-temperature Laboratory water bath. Combined with Rotary evaporator, vacuum freeze-drying box, circulating water vacuum pump, magnetic stirrer and other instruments, it performs multifunctional chemical reaction operations and drug storage at low temperature. The low-temperature coolant circulation pump can be matched with a variety of instruments (Rotary evaporator, fermentation tank, chemical reaction kettle, freeze-drying equipment, bio-pharmaceutical reaction kettle, etc.); large cooling capacity, fast cooling speed, and greatly improved work efficiency; The flow rate of this machine's circulating pump can be adjusted or customized, which greatly meets the actual needs of different users; all models of this machine can be reasonably matched between low temperature and cooling capacity, and low temperature and container capacity according to user requirements.
(1) Original fully-enclosed compressors from international famous manufacturers, with advanced performance and reliable quality;
(2) The special relays, protectors, capacitors and main refrigeration components of the refrigeration unit are imported from the original
High-quality devices;
(3) Digital temperature display, microcomputer temperature control, easy operation and eye-catching;
(4) The circulation system adopts canned motor pump or magnetic pump, which has the characteristics of low temperature resistance and low noise;
(5) Low temperature reaction can be directly performed in the liquid storage tank of the machine with electric stirrer;
(6) The coolant can be delivered to the place where it is used, with a circulating pump inside.
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