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Can I use a rotary evaporator for vacuum distillation

Rotary evaporator should be suitable for vacuum distillation of solvents whose boiling point is lower than 100 degrees. Normally, it can be higher than 100 degrees. However, it is affected by various conditions. Rotary evaporation is all right, but collecting fractions under reduced pressure is best not to use a distillation or fractionation device under reduced pressure.

Generally speaking, the Rotary evaporator is a simple vacuum distillation device, but because it is generally connected to a water pump and also an oil pump, it is rarely connected with a drying tower and a cold trap on the Rotary evaporator. It is best not to use a Rotary evaporator if it is sensitive to water in a mixed system. For example, in the chloroform system, heating in a water atmosphere will liberate hydrogen chloride. If the product is sensitive to acids, it will not work. Many sugars should be avoided by removing chloroform by rotary evaporation. And rotary distillation is difficult to control the pressure, it is difficult to ensure the purity of your fractions, so it is not recommended to use LZ to reduce pressure distillation. Do n’t be afraid of trouble in organic chemistry experiments, you will be very serious if you are lazy.

The principle of Rotary evaporator is vacuum distillation! It's just that it's more convenient to spin the steam. You can also spin the steam in our laboratory. If the steam is broken, the pump will be used to reduce the pressure.

The landlord is decompressing the impurities under reduced pressure. I do n’t know if you want to be distilled out. A thermometer is needed to measure the temperature in front of the condenser. And can the pump reach the pressure? Rotary steam oil pump is not allowed!

Yes, a Rotary evaporator for vacuum distillation is more convenient

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